Golf Facilities

The Halfway House

Situated on the ground floor of the Clubhouse to make the ‘stop’ quicker and more convenient. The half-way house offers you a wide range of food, snacks and beverages for the course. It was designed to enhance your golfing experience and is the perfect break between nines.

Practice Facilities

We continually improve our offering and during 2013 we upgraded our already superb practice facilities. Increasing the range size from 2800 m² to 5200 m² ensures the successful accommodation of larger groups as well as pristine playing surfaces throughout the year. Golfers are welcome to come and enjoy the range and short-game facilities at no extra charge prior to their round of golf.

Locker Rooms

Your unforgettable experience begins with a professional welcome at The Golf Shop, followed by the opportunity to change in our luxury locker rooms whilst your clubs are taken to our cart.

Swingfit Academy

Pearl Valley Golf Course is also home to the SwingFit Academy. SwingFit is a Performance Academy providing expert golf and fitness instruction. With outstanding South African and International coaches it is known as one of the top golf coaching programmes in the world.

Golf Shop

Conveniently situated at the Clubhouse, the Golf Shop is well stocked with a variety of golf wear and accessories. New rental sets featuring the 2019 T-Series Titleist irons are available through the Golf Shop on a first come first serve basis.