Off-Site Experiences

Table Mountain

Visit South Africa’s most photographed landmark with breathtaking views not only from the summit but also while getting there via the revolving cableway  covering the distance of 1,244 meters in seven minutes.Part of the world famous Table Mountain National Park boasting the planet's richest floral kingdom which protects an astounding diversity of animals and plants (more than 1,470 flower species).

Kirtsenbosch Botanical Garden

Established in 1913 to preserve the country's indigenous flora and situated on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain; KIRSTENBOSCH BOTANICAL GARDENS are part of the Cape Floristic Region UNESCO World Heritage site. Here more than 20,000 native South African plant species are collected, grown, and studied in the hilly 528-hectare nature reserve of indigenous forest and fynbos. In 44 years of exhibiting at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show, 2019 saw Kirstenbosch bringing home their 37th gold medal.

Signal Hill

SIGNAL HILL is a short 5 minutes from the city centre and summits 350 metres offering breathtaking views over Cape Town, Table Bay, and the glittering Atlantic Ocean – especially at sunset whereafter a shimmering view of the city lights comes to life after dark. Named for its historical use when signal flags were flown from here to send messages to approaching ships; it lies adjacent to Lion's Head peak. At lunch time you can witness the “noon gun” which historically served to give the exact time to ships anchored in the bay.

Blissful Beaches

Cape Town is known for it’s breathtaking coastal beauty. Clifton Beach known as Cape Town's St. Tropez boasts some of the most sought after and expensive real estate on the continent. Silky white sands beautified by the natural smooth granite boulders around it introduce visitors to the crisp, sparkling blue seas. Many other stunning beaches, coastal gems and surfing/kiting spots include Camps bay, Hout Bay, Noordhoek, Simonstown (Navy), Kalk Bay, Muizenberg, Blouberg and more

V&A Waterfront

Once an unattractive industrial harbour, the now world famous VICTORIA AND ALFRED WATERFRONT stretches across two harbour basins and is a buzzing shopping and entertainment quarter – think of the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Boasting the Springbok Experience Rugby Museum (2019 World cup champions) and The Two Oceans Aquarium featuring more than 300 species of fish from the Atlantic and Indian oceans allow visitors to view fascinating marine creatures and encounters up close. Artisanal arts and crafts oncluding foods are also a big attraction.

Chapmans Peak

CHAPMAN'S PEAK DRIVE presents one of the most jaw-dropping driving routes in the world, with 114 curves carved into the rock face, some perched more than 500 meters above the sea. Experience around 9 kilometres of spectaculour toll road while driving between Noordhoek and HoutBay and passing by panoramic Chapman's Peak point along the way. At sunset the panoramic viewpoints are filled with sightseekers enjoying "sundowners" a time-honored South African tradition celebrating beautiful sunsets only witnessed here. Chapman's Peak Drive is the setting for the popular Cape Argus Cycle Race and Two Oceans Marathon; as well as a signature spot for shooting TV commercials.

Robben Island

A must-see attraction for anyone interested in South African history, this iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site tells the story of one of the worlds most recognised leaders – Nelson Mandela. Robben Island was a brutal prison where Nelson Mandela spent 18 years in a tiny cell during the apartheid era. Tours to the island take visitors on a 30 minute boat trip where you visit the maximum security prison and learn all there is about this popular tourist attraction. Your guides are former prisoners of Robben Island who share their experiences and offer insight into the atrocities of apartheid and the power of forgiveness.

Zeitz Mocaa

THE ZEITZ MOCAA (MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART AFRICA) is the largest art museum in Africa, and the largest museum in the world showcasing the art of Africa and its diaspora. The museum is dedicated to researching, collecting, and exhibiting this art, and houses an impressive collection of work from all over the continent and beyond. The exhibition space covers 6,000 square meters over nine floors, with 100 gallery spaces and most likely you will need to set aside at least a full day to soak up this memorable visual experience. The museum is housed in an important historical landmark—the old grain silo (built in 1921) at the V&A Waterfront. German businessman, Jochen Zeitz, funded the project as he was looking for a place to house his own collection of African contemporary art.


Soak up brightly colored houses as you are greeted in this vibrant, culture rich Cape Malay neighborhood. Commonly referred to as Bo-kaap and situated at the foot of Signal Hill, this is home to Cape Town's virbrant Muslim community, consisting of those who have descended from the "Cape Malays," slaves brought by Dutch settlers from Indonesia, Malaysia, and other African countries. The residents are passionate about preserving their history and buildings. Visitors can learn more about the Cape Malay history at the Bo-Kaap Museum, located in the neighborhood's oldest building.

Cape Point

CAPE POINT lies within the southernmost tip of Table Mountains National Park and is part of the Cape Floral Region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the richest areas of flora in the world. Situated about 60 kilometers from Cape Town, it provides a memorable scenic drive from Cape Town along the Cape Peninsula taking visitors past the popular surfing beach Muizenberg, and the beautiful seaside town of Kalk Bay, offering prospects of prime-penguin-viewing beaches at Simon's Town. Wildlife is diverse on this soaring seacliff home to around 250 species of birds as well as eland, Cape zebra, reptiles, and troops of brazen baboons. Other activities include whale watching, shipwreck spotting from the beach, and nature walks.